Thursday, October 4, 2012

First week success

Today is day 7 for me and I am pleased to say I have lost 5lbs and I feel great. I have found it pretty easy as for me I only had to drop pasta / potatoes / all wheat based stuff, I never really liked bread so no loss there. I have not been this light in a decade!

I am going to try and cook as much using fire as possible just because meat tastes so much better. I only managed once this week but I will go out hunter gathering and get some wood stock.

Trying to remember what i have eaten:

  • steak bbq with a huge salad
  • pork chop roast with veg no potatoes
  • sweet potato, leek and lime soup
  • same soup above with sausages and sweet corn
  • home made beef burgers with king prawns and a selection of veg
  • chilli con carne with red peppers served with broccoli
  • same chilli served with a selection of leaves and cherry tomatoes

Recipe: Sweet potato leek and lime soup

  • sweet potato x 2
  • leek chopped
  • lime
  • home made vegetable stock  (I make mine from veg scraps and chopped mushrooms)
  • 1/2 tin coconut milk

  • soften leeks and chopped garlic by frying 
  • add chopped sweet potato
  • add vegetable stock
  • bring to the boil and then simmer until everything is soft
  • blend until smooth
  • zest the lime and add that to the soup
  • add the coconut milk (stir to mix)
  • crush the lime to get the juice add to the soup

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