Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 330

I have gained 1lb this month but this is accounted for I think by my efforts with exercise. Hard to see in the photos but my arms are definitely bigger and my chest and back are also growing. I have been working hard on my lats and finally starting to get some shape.

There have been a few days this month involving drinking sessions due to beer festivals. For the purrists thats not very Paleo but I stand by fermented drinks being part of humans for millions of years so it cannot be that bad. Anyway its just a life choice.

Due to this series of articles I have reduced my pork consumption: . I am not about to cut pork out of my diet  but I think probably bacon and ham had become too frequent. A lesson learned but then this is a journey not a destination.

I have increased my fish consumption. Nearby there is a great fish monger and they have a good variety at an excellent price point.

I am quite excited that I have managed to be Paleo for nearly a year and not once have I been tempted to go back to my old lifestyle.

In all honesty I think alcohol remains my biggest evil and I am going to work on reducing it. Right now I casually drink and I think I just need to box that up and maybe limit it to 2 days a week.

Anyway here is Day 1 vs Day 330

Day 1

Day 330

BTW I am not as pale as that photo would suggest its just the lighting in the room I was stood in. Looks like I might have to trim the chest rug or I wont have a really great before and after photo for my 1 year anniversary like you see in the back of trashy magazines lol. The one thing missing is the 6 pack but I don't actually do enough of that type of exercise to have that maybe I will add that to my future plans but I am not too bothered.

Paleo for life!