Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 180 (32 lbs gone)

Ok its slowing up on the loss front but I guess I am reaching my fight weight. This month I have not been doing so much exercise, I took a week off as a holiday and then after only another week I picked up a small back injury as my back spasmed at the end of my routine. Nothing serious but I will have to rest it for a couple of weeks to make sure it heals.

Also there have been a couple of occasions involving chips lol but I allowed myself to indulge as it was part of a family thing. For me I am dedicated to Paleo but I am not a total zealot about it.

Happily following a Paleo lifestyle is completely normal to me now and I no longer have to remind myself I am doing it, I just do.

Day 1

Day 180

I will say it again if you are thinking about going Paleo do it! There are no bad side effects, you will get all the   nutrients you need. In fact since following Paleo I have not been ill during the same period as all my friends, family and work colleagues have all had sickness of some kind. I have not had one asthma attack, I have not taken my asthma pump or steroid either. I eat really great food that tastes good and covers all I need. When I exercise I have a bundle of energy. Paleo until the death of me. Any negative reviews you may read about Paleo are wrong it is simply good living and removing all the crap.