Friday, November 30, 2012

Sea bream over Leek carrot and bacon broth

Sea bream
Leek chopped
Carrots chopped
Slice of smoked bacon chopped
Vegetable stock
1 lemon
Seasoning salt and pepper

Heat olive oil in a sauce pan add chopped Leek and bacon
Soften the Leek and lightly brown bacon
Add chopped carrots
Pour over vegetable stock
Simmer until carrots are softened

At the same time heat oil in a frying pan
Add trimmed sea bream
Sprinkle with a little salt zest lemon over the fish
Add lemon juice by crushing the lemon in your hand catching any seeds

Fry the fish for about 5 minutes either side until crisp skin and cooked through

Add vegetable broth to a bowl and place fish on top

Isometric exercise

On my rest days between weight training I have added isometric exercise to my regime.

Grip pull: hook your hands and then hook them together and pull against them as hard as you can
Elbow pull: cup one hand and rest the opposite elbow into it... Push with your elbow pull with your hand.. Same with opposite.
Potato push: rest bottom of 1 fist on top of the other top fist pushes down bottom fist pushes up.. Then swap.
Chair grip: in the seated position grip sides of chair underneath the seat.. Try to stand up.. Thighs vs arms
Flamingo stance: stand behind a chair hold top with both hands, raise one foot up until knee is at a right angle hold for a while few seconds then swap legs.
Plank: go on hands and knees place arms on floor wrist to elbow, extend legs out until you have a straight line from head to ankles, hold your weight for as long as you can

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Breakfast sausages apricots and watercress

  • Get the best sausages you can afford 
  • Dried apricots 
  • Water cress 
  • Throw it on a plate 
  • Enjoy! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 60

Today is day 60 of being Paleo, I have been astounded by the results. In just 60 days I have lost 20lbs in weight, I feel really healthy and now my family and friends are beginning to notice.

Day 1

Day 60

All I can say is if you are considering going Paleo do it!