Sunday, February 16, 2014

Paleo meal of the week and Krav Maga

A nice meal this week was a whole roast chicken, Spinach wilted in a wok with garlic and a little grated cheese, and a carrot and apple slaw (just grate them and mix up). Was delicious!

Krav Maga

This week we were practicing defending against  a hook punch. Holding your elbows either side of your face with your hands protecting the back of your head, you can protect your face and head from punches to the face and side of the head. As the hook comes in you step into it using your arm to deflect the blow and then bringing your arm over the top of your opponents arm and then round and underneath in an under hook. At this point you can step through smashing under the chin with the heel of your other hand and clawing into the eyes forcing the head back, at the same time you have stepped through and placed your foot on top of theirs, smashing the head back and taking your opponent down.

The main point was to walk through your opponent using a guard to defend yourself from the blows and then exploding into the under hook followed by a blow to the head, using your foot to complete offsetting your opponents balance.

We also practiced the previous 2 weeks techniques (see the previous 2 posts).

Adding to our punching drills we worked on maximizing the jab distance by thrusting the shoulder forward twisting from the hips, in this scenario our opponent had to step back to get away, this was done by keeping the back leg in place and sliding the front leg to thrust you backwards. We built upon this adding combinations, the attacker trying to make the distance the defender trying to get out the way. The most important lesson was not allowing your balance to be compromised when backing up. Thinking about keeping a strong base as you moved. Was exhausting.

To finish we had punching drills 2, 4, 6 8, 10, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 straights, cross punches, uppercuts, straights. I found my triceps were aching from the uppercuts so I need to work on that aspect. Next month I will hopefully buy a punch bag so I can do some work.

In addition this week I have nee working on blocking the side kick using the opposite leg. In karate I would have used a gedan barai but as I came to realize over the years blocking someones leg with your fore arm hurts quite a lot (your arm more than their leg). So I think I prefer using the leg to do the block, especially as I have big meaty legs. IT also gives you good position to kick your opponents supporting leg.

Krav is the 3rd martial art I have studied and it is very interesting seeing the different fighting systems. Kung fu taught me that grappling had been seriously watered down in the Karate I was doing, so it really helped when I went back to Karate. Krav is teaching a more practical fighting system which is probably more applicable in a street fight. As I said its not just about fighting I like the mental aspect of it and also the fitness training. 90 minutes of any martial art you have to be pretty fit.

This week I am also going to look at Sambo just seeing what kind of techniques they use, as well as working on my strength, conditioning and cardio fitness.

I will be doing punching drills every day as well as I need some fitness work in this area.

The madness continues!

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