Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chicken Chirizio and Krav Maga

Best meal this week was a chicken and chorizio dish.


1/2 onion
2 garlic cloves
2 Chicken Breasts
Sliced mushrooms
Cherry tomatoes
Tin of plum tomatoes
Red Wine or stock if you are being strict


Soften onions and crushed garlic in oil
Add Chicken chunks and brown outside
Add sliced Mushrooms
Add chopped chorizio
Wait until the mushrooms are softened a bit
Throw in sliced courgettes
Add the tine tomatoes and chop em up in the pan
Add some stock and or red wine
Wait 20-30 minutes! Enjoy!

Krav Maga

This week we practiced:

  • Breaking out of someone holding your head from the top. You smash your palm onto the middle of tricep lifting the arm off, using your arm on the same side as your attacker so if they have their right on you you lift it with your left.
  • Non aggressive would be to step back forming the fence guard by holding your arms out
  • Aggressive would be to step into them grabbing the head in side control, this done by smashing your other arm across their chest, using the hand that has just lifted the arm pushing it in towards their head and then snaking behind their back gripping your hands together so your hands are at right angles (your strongest grip), in this way your fore arm of the arm that hit the chest is putting pressure on the side of the neck and you other hand is giving you the leverage to pull it in hard. This is very uncomfortable for your oppenent and you can then use them as a shield to make your get away.
  • We also practiced shoving someone away by making contact with the top of their pecks with your finger tips (very briefly) and then smashing downwards using the heel of your hands. Immediately making the defensive guard of the fence.
  • The fence is where you hold both arms out straight almost forming a diamond with your arms and then ducking your head between your arms. This protects your head should your attacker go to punching you and if they to come closer you are in a good posiotion to tak further action such as blocking, elbowing or kicking.
This all sounds very savage but at its heart the aim is to make your self safe and get away from the situation.

On top of Krav I have started to study all manner of techniques for defense. Martial arts for me is a great exercise for your mind and your body. It has given my fitness regime new purpose. Right now I feel like studying Krav for a while (maybe 2 years+) and then maybe looking at some other arts / clubs. All time limited by work and family life of course!

Me @210lbs thats 12lbs heavier than my lowest weight but I have put that on in muscle
Still wonky lol

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