Thursday, February 6, 2014

A new Era

As always I continue onward with my Paleo journey. I haven't posted foe quite a while I see! But that does not mean I have given up on following this lifestyle as that will never happen.

So as promised I have increased my fish intake and I have tried to increase the range of vegetables I eat. That is the diet side and my weight has started to move upwards now but that is because I have been working really hard at the gym and my new weight gain is down to muscle mass I am pleased to say.

My lowest weight was 14st 2lbs (about 90kg or 196lbs) and now I am about 14st 9lbs (94kg or 208lbs) so as you can see that's a really good gain and I am seriously pleased.

In terms of exercise I am currently following this routine:

Tuesday: Is my heavy day and I do this in the gym lots of chest and triceps work plus lat pull down because they have the machine. I can bench a maximum of 200lbs (which is as high as it goes) on the machine bench. I am going to move to the actual bench as I have found someone to spot for me, I suspent my maximum will be much lower on that.

Thursday: Lots of back exercise, including the dead lift plus a savage MMA style kettle bell workout, which includes Turkish getups (believe me they make you a believer). Also added farm walking where you load up your dumbells and just walk about carrying them by your sides as long as you can manage.

Saturday: Some squats, lunges, more tricep work (trying to develop my triceps to help with my bench maximum) and some shoulder work.

Sunday: Krav Maga!!!!

I have just started this, I have previously studied Shotokan Karate (to 1st dan level) and Pak Mei Kung Fu (6 months but it was full contact). Studying Krav is going to be one aspect but at home I am now starting to study a number of Martial Arts tring to learn something from all of them.

Krav Maga Lesson 1

In this lesson I learnt the following:

  • Using head control to manipulate the opponents center of balance.
  • We used inside knife edge of the hand up under the opponents nose and also a leg take down
  • We then practiced non aggressive breaking of an arm grip by twisting your wrist as you pull out of the opponents grip
  • This then developed to an aggressive maneuver where we slid our arm up the opponents arm slamming it into the chest and then bring it up under the neck to perform a rear naked choke
  • Then we took this further dealing with an opponent who is not too happy about you grabbing their neck by using an eye gouge to lift the head so you can get the lock on.
  • To finish we did some pad work punching in bunches of 2, 4 or 6 depending on what was shouted out and working through cycles doing straight punches, cross punches, hooks and upper cuts.
To say the least it was exhausting and it hurt a little bit but overall I enjoyed learning martial arts again and it has reignited my interest which in actual fact has never diminished just been dormant.

In terms of studying Martial Arts I plan to work on all aspects, Krav will be part of what I do but at home I will be studying a variety of arts. My main purpose is to put to use my new found physical abilities and also I find it very good for my mind. I love thinking about this stuff!

Some of the stuff I have been looking at and will be incorporating into my training.

Punching Power:

Medicine Ball:

Kettle bell:

Judo basics:

Front Kick:



Muay Thai

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