Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 150

Today I weigh 14 st 7 lbs (203 lbs) that is a 31 lb drop in weight and I have to say I feel pretty good about it. Several members of my friends and family have had a bunch of ills over the last few weeks, including norovirus and yet I have managed to stay well. I could just be lucky but I also think if you are fueling your body correctly it must be more efficient as it is not dealing with unnecessary toxins.

I have started improving my diet further by choosing vegetables that are claimed to be chemical/pesticide free (I say claim because I would never be so naive to believe I was being told the truth on food). It is more expensive but there are a number of tangible benefits, the main one being the taste. Tomatoes are particularly worth the money, mass produced Tomatoes just taste of nothing.

Anyway here is the comparison:

Day 1

Day 150

Looking at those photos I am in shock, to give it perspective my chest is approximately the same size (42') but my waist is about 4+' thinner. I am also functionally stronger and probably the best shape of my entire adult life.

Moving forward I plan to continue improvement to my diet and I am going to add more cardio to my exercise regime. Looking forward to the weather settling enough so I can go cycling which I will be able to because since going Paleo my bad right knee has healed!

Feeling good, feeling happy and living more simple.

For anyone considering trying Paleo... I absolutely recommend it.


  1. Way to go Luke! It's amazing how something as simple as real food and movement can transform us. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey. I've yet to become bold enough to show my pics...someday...maybe...probably not ;)