Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 300 weight stable for 100+ days

So its Day 300 my weight has only changed by 1lb in the entire 100 days, I have been working hard with weight training but also I have eaten a hell of a lot of meat this month. It is BBQ season, I guess our cavemen ancestors must have scoffed during the summer months and then had leaner times during the winter.

Still that is the upside to Paleo I can afford to eat plenty of what I want as my body uses it or just discards it.

Talking with my friends on I am going to mix things up a little next month. I am going to cut my fruit down a little bit and I am going to introduce some different exercises. I think I might be able to burn another 8lbs if I put the right effort into my exercise. We will see. I am not too bothered if my weight stays the same as its pretty good and it is close to my fight weight I think for my physical size.

Day 1

Day 300

Will need smaller shorts next year as you can see by the gather with my belt holding them up!

Paleo until the death of me!

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