Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 240 No Change

I continue to be at my fight weight, but I feel like I have added a bit more muscle so I must have lost some fat to make room for it. Diet is still Paleo as always. Have had a really sore throat this month but still no sign of Asthma and my hay fever has not shown up either although I expect that is down to our rubbish British weather. Very intrigued to see if the sun does turn up before Winter returns if the hay fever stays away without medication.

Weight training is going well and also managing to go out for 20 mile cycle rides which I plan to build on through the so called warmer months.

Day 1

Day 240

OMG looking at thos pictures I am still amazed... I am eating so well on Paleo... It has got to the point I could not go back to my old ways of eating. The very thought of bread blurgh! and I never thought I would say this but I do not want to eat pasta again either, I realise now it is just matter and all those lovely Italian flavours are still available in my Paleo diet, I just have vegetables instead.

Me eating more steak than anyone ever (Thanks to my brother and his gf)

Pulled Pork and Apples

 Spinach, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Roast Beef

Chicken Provincial with a root vegetable mash (Parsnip and something?) 

Breakfast in a pan.... fast food!

Trout cooked on a bed of mushrooms... if you eat one thing eat this!

Paella without the rice!

Best part of being English! Salsify rossti with English Breakfast

Fruit Salad

What to do with the Beef Stew from yesterday... Blend it add some herbs... Beef and Vegetable Soup!

Paleo for life!

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